Needed as soon as possible, someone to clean the studio, clean combs, sanitize tools, maintain the restrooms, clean the kitchen, stock shelves, sweep and mop the floors inside the salon, clean windows inside/out of the salon, answering the phone's, make online appointments and take hair order's over the phone. You will serve the clients with beverages and wash their cups and glasses afterwards. You will also be required to post on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and several other online social media site's including YouTube. This position is for someone that may be in high school 16 and up, beauty school, college, or on Social Security; your working for 12 to 20 hours per week or more depending on your needs or our needs. Your pay will start at $11.00 per hour in training, and will go up with your efficiency in your position. You will have to attend and assist all fashion and social events and assist with cleaning up. Learning to braid is an option in this position. YOU MUST DRESS IN APPROPIATE ATTIRE, WE WILL PROVIDE T-SHIRTS! You may learn to braid in this position. 

If you are a UNLICENSED OR licensed professional, you will be welcomed to learn braiding up to one year. You will be paid $11 and hour for 3 months, then you will be ready for another salon; your pay will increase with efficiency of your talent. This position is entended for 3 months to one year before, going on to your next salon.